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Help Running Clinic
The pain and joys of running

This one is for the running experts (Mostly Duck)

I have been running regularly for around 4 months now and have found it a great way to get fit and loose some of the sedentary life style weight.
My improved fitness has also awakened my interest in trail hiking and I recently enjoyed a great holiday which included hiking around Yellowstone Park and the Tetons.

I am currently at the point where my leg muscles or (something inside the leg/knee/calf area) gives me grief way before my body is tired.
I can run for an hour at a steady pace with things comfortably "ticking over" except during the last few runs, where for some reason, this painful leg comes after about 3 miles. I suspect I may have stressed something when I recently ran for about 2 hours (with a 20 minute break) over hilly rough countryside) I have probably made it worse as I have carried on running through the pain.

Any advice?
Hi John

unfortunately, with any form of exercise there will come a time when the body begins to suffer from wear and tear. In the same manner a car needs to be serviced the human body needs to be cared for.

Often a body which has been sedentry gets pushed too far, too soon, too often. The enthusiasm at first will 'over ride' most little niggles to start with and the user will easily ignore the initial body signals of discomfort.

Now you need to discover exactly where your problems are. Diagnose them and then we can begin the process of seeing what can be done to relieve the discomfort and to strengthen the areas followed with an exercise routine that is balanced and avoids injuries and stokes the flames of enthusiasm.

First off look at this url, please?

try to pinpoint on the image where your problems are

then go to The BIG 5 - the most common running injuries and see if you can spot your current niggles?

Report back your discoveries and then we can go to the next step

Good luck

Big Grin



Duck, you are a star,

From the second web site I am nearly certain I have ITB Iliotibial Band Syndrome. This was almost surely from jumping over the bushes and rough ground on my long "bush" run. It is reassuring to see that the condition can be self treated. I am going to stop running for a week (If I can) and take my exercise on my mountain bike.
Hi John .. glad it was of help

ITB is strongly related to overuse and is often not a straight forward niggle to overcome, so be patient.

make sure your saddle, of the bicycle, is the right height so it doesn't add to your problems.

Good luck and keep us informed




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