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Journalism gone wrong!
What happened to good old journalism when the reporters reported the facts and did not spend their time making up things to possibly make the stories a little more news worthy.

I picked up a F1 magazine the other day from a few years ago. Flipping through the various articles I came across one that raised an eyebrow.

I cannot remember all the exact details but it went something along the lines of now that Michael Schumacher has won so many World Championships he should retire. There is no possible way that he could go on winning. Retire now when your still at the top the article said. Stop! Now before you get beaten. The likes of Kimi Raikkonen, Alonso, are creeping up getting better and you will lose!

Who are these people who have the insight into what Michael would like to do? How dare they suggest these things to a man who is intelligent enough to know when enough is enough? He is still relatively young and not many people would retire in their early 30Â’s, even after a successful career. Does it matter if he gets beaten if he is still willing and able and most importantly still enjoying his racing? Leave him well alone. Is he not capable to make up his own mind about his life? Fair enough last year was a bad year but he and the team have bounced back and are now challenging for the title again. Would he ever tell a Journalist to stop writing articles because they too old or not good enough?

Not only does this happen to sports people but to politicians as well. Yes most politicians do deserve the bad press they get but can they leave their private lives out of the news. Who cares how many affairs people have had or what a certain personÂ’s child is getting up to? We all were children at some stage and have proberly done things we regret! If a person is able to live with their conscience, then let it be! ItÂ’s not something I condone itÂ’s just a case of it's their life let them get on with it and suffer the consequences. No need for the world to hear about it. Big Deal we all learn from our mistakes.

Is that what the world of Journalism is coming to if there is no “Breaking News” make things up about other people? Why not write articles about good things instead of always taking people down?
Nice article Lols... :am:
I share your point of view, lols. :thumbs:
Very true lols.

There are a number of criteria to consider when evaluating journalism.
Fact, bias and sensationalism. One also has to look at the funding behind the media source as well. The very rich media and sensationalistic press will publish first and verify second. This often results in an incorrect story being published, and there is enough money to deal with the libel case afterwards if it comes to that.

There are media houses that will rather publish second and have the facts.
Where bias is concerned it all depends on your own perspective, however there are many publications that take a firm left or right attitude in their publication, the interesting thing is that the media cater to a demand, their bias is towards a particular reader.
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