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Kitty advice needed
Wow Bushbaby

you have certainly been through the hoops with your kitty

When I was younger I had a tremendous companion in my friend [cat] Jo Jo .. so I can understand the genuine concern for your little one.

mmm ... fond memories of my 1 in 8 [ mate ]
Quote:Originally posted by Bushbaby
He was falling about the house last night after he came back - even did a somersault down the stairs because he was so groggy. We eventually restricted his movements to the upstairs area. Not a happy kitty.

This morning he was trying to be all charming as he wants pellets - the vet said he can only eat tinned food for a day or two but he really does not like the stuff. We have compromised and soaked some pellets in hot water - he does not really like it but is nibbling on it from time to time.

We used to do that to wean our cats off tinned food onto biscuits. Initially we added some tinned food to the mushy biscuits, and then gradually decreased the amount of cat food until there were only biscuits.

I hope kitty starts eating prperly soon.
Learn as if you were going to live forever. Live as if you were going to die tomorrow.
--Mahatma Gandhi

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