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My crazy cat
I was just giving my cat a bit of love after dishing up the kids' dinner. I was munching on a piece of broccoli, when he sniffed at it, and looked interested. Needless to say, my weird cat now eats broccoli. I have also learnt that he loves pasta (plain, no sauce), brioche, and certain fruit...

How weird is he?? Do your pets eat anything out of the ordinary?
Learn as if you were going to live forever. Live as if you were going to die tomorrow.
--Mahatma Gandhi
welcome to the mad cat world Pam

My cat eats virtually anything. Last night he was eating pasta, mushrooms and chicken. He has been known to eat peas and califlower and various other bits and bobs.
Your cat has great character! :haha:

I've had numerous cats over the years. As a child I had a huge Siamese who'd do anything for Nik Naks & Marie biscuits. He broke a leg after climbing to the top most cupboard to find my mom's stash of Nik Naks & fell off. Luckily, he healed well & lived to the grand old age of 22! Big Grin

I had another cat who used to almost climb into my mouth if I ate KFC in front of her.

My aunt had a cat with strange tastes too. She'd eat Marmite but a huge tear would run down her cheek while she was delicately licking the Marmite. :bigcry: The same cat refused to drink milk if it had any bubbles in it. My aunt had to prick all the bubbles before the cat would drink anything! Big Grin
Hehehe Venus...Siamese cats are the best at beig strange eaters LOL. I have had 4 of them in my life and each one was a character....

I had 1 as a child who loved eating sponge cake....did not matter what flavour...he just had to have but his all time favourite was almond flavoured. He would climb the curtains if it got him any closer...he even ate a net cake guard in his quest for cake and he always took a massive bite right out the top and bang in the middle :haha: :haha: can just see my mothers face ( he lived to be 24)

Another one loved crisps and the moment she heard a packet she would be there but heaven forbid it was Salt & Vinegar...she hated those and would seek to destroy the packet any way she could. (she lived to be 17)

Her mother loved ice-suckers especially the orange flavoured ones and she would know when there were any in the freezer and would sit staring at the door for hours in the hope she could get it opened and attack them LOL. She was a real Aristocat that one but if she so much as caught a wiff of an ice-sucker she bacame trailer park trash....hehehehe ( she lived to be 19)

My all time baby loved whatever I was eating, he would eat anything that came off my plate whether he really liked it or not. His favourite though was vegetable soup...apart from the obvious meat dishes. He even used to take sips of alcohol from my glass when he thought I was not looking and we found him very ****ed one day when he managed to finish a glass of wine while I was on the phone Sick
He passed away just over a year ago at the age of 21 and boy do I still miss him.
Quote:Originally posted by lols
welcome to the mad cat world Pam

My cat eats virtually anything. Last night he was eating pasta, mushrooms and chicken. He has been known to eat peas and califlower and various other bits and bobs.

That's another one that he eats - mushrooms....

Good to know from all of you that I am not the only one with a strange pet!
Learn as if you were going to live forever. Live as if you were going to die tomorrow.
--Mahatma Gandhi
geez, my cats sound soooo boring after reading all of that. hte one cat one likes cat food and leberwurst (liver sausage). (that will be the 9kg cat

the other one loves raw meat. and buttermilk. i had a bit of butter milk left in the carton and still had it on my table. phone rang, i was not looking and all of a sudden i saw my little baby with his face stuck in this carton. gosh, was to sweet for words.
Geez, Sterretjie! A 9kg cat?! :eek:
I also have a cat & she's spoilt rotten. She loves cheese & ham but I try not to give it to her too often. Whenever I'm making my lunch in the morning she comes into the kitchen & sits there as if to say "where's mine". I love it when I'm watching tv & she comes & plonks herself on my lap & purrs away.
I leave her food & water in the spare room & leave the window open so that she can get in & out. Anyway I noticed that her food was getting eaten up quite quickly. I thought she can't be eating all this food so fast.............................................. THEN I found out that other cats were coming in & munching away.
Just thought I'd share this with you cat lovers.
Ja, Curio, cats are amazing how they manage to find places where good things are available. When I'd only been in my house in Sheffield for a few weeks, it started to rain very heavily so I closed the back door (it was summer) & carried on with whatever it was I was doing. A few hours later I went upstairs to my bedroom & was totally taken by surprise to find a little cat curled up on my bed & fast asleep! She turned out to live a few doors down the road from me & was the sweetest little thing. Thereafter she visited me most days & eventually would bring the other 2 cats who lived with her to visit me too. It was the best arrangement as I had their company during the day whilst their "mum" was at work & then they'd go back home in time for their supper. Big Grin
I have 2 moggies with 2 very different tastes, except...... for
prawns...... They both know when I go grocery shopping...
The one sits outside and waits until I get back, the other leaps up
as soon as I open the front door.... and I have no peace until
they get their once a week treat.... The one even goes as far as climbing into the shopping bag, as if to say here they are please get on with it...... The vet said to me if he came back in another life he would come back as a cat in my home... lol

The one loves crisps and sponge cake and the other is like Garfield, she loves lasagne, pasta ,you name it... she will eat it..... I call her the junk food cat, she will even eat the pasta which has loads of garlic in eat...... she loves garlic.... Also she likes to eat whatever we are eating.... I remember one day I had dished up supper and as soon as I put the plates on the table she leapt up onto the chair and sat there like us humans do, waiting to start her meal.... it had us in hysterics...

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