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Nirvana - ten years on
Kurt Cobain died ten years ago, to commemorate this, The world's biggest Nirvana show (They don't like being called a tribute band) - Teen Spirit - are on a world tour.

Furthermore, Teen Spirit are playing in Manchester at the Academy on April 30

Even better is that my band, Delaney, is the main support for this show. Tickets are £9.50 through ticketline, but if you're interested in seeing a show that is true to the original Nirvana, I have tickets available for £6 each.

PM me if you want some.
The gig is Friday night - I have ten tickets left at £6 each, apart from that the show is sold out. If anyone plans to come, PM me and I'll keep your ticket aside.
i missed this ! Sad
And you missed a great gig... Smile
Quote:Originally posted by StevenP
And you missed a great gig... Smile



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