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Week 31's Trivial Pursuit
Jangar Wrote:What famous 16th-century writer was captured by pirates, sold into slavery, and eventually ransomed - after five years and four failed escape attempts?

Was that Miguel de Cervantes?
rlsuth Wrote:Was that Miguel de Cervantes?

It was indeed Smile


What legendary director launched his career by staging an all-black "voodoo" version of Shakespeare's Macbeth?
Quenton Tarantino
A good guess but alas I'm doing another :cheer: :haha:

Orson Welles, in 1936, when he was 20. The play, set in Haiti instead of Scotland, was presented in Harlem under the Federal Theater Project of the WPA (Works Progress Administration).

What is a bird's uropygium?
Jangar Wrote:What is a bird's uropygium?

The rear end?
Curio Wrote:The rear end?


The rump - the protuberance from which its tail feathers grow.

Who was the first president elected after voters in Washington, D.C., got the right to cast ballots in national elections?
No takers. That means I get to do a :cheer: Big Grin

The answer is Lyndon B. Johnson, in November 1964.

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