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What's the next cd you want to buy & what's the last one you got?
I would like to get Gwen Steffani's.
Wouldn't mind getting Def Leppard's greatest hits either.

Just got Seal's greatest hits. Really nice.
The last CD I bought was a single, "Bedshaped" by Keane. I absolutely love the song! :thumbs: The CD I'd like to buy next is Scissor Sisters. Actually, I have a list of CDs I'd love to buy but, sadly, CDs have to come last on my shopping list. :bigcry: Thanks goodness for the freebie CDs in our weekend newspapers! Big Grin
Last was Il Divo... Next is G4 :thumbs:
The last were a couple of Kim Larsen (a Danish artist) cd's and I see that Judas Priest released a CD / DVD double over here on Monday so I may get that next unless of course I find a rare ABBA CD on E-Bay first :haha:
Piet Botha and Jack Hammer Live at The Nile was my last CD that I bought. I am currently keeping an eye open on eBay for Neil Youngs Harvest and Meatloafs' Bat Out Of Hell on DVD-Audio and SACD respectively!

Edit: Almost forgot! I am currently waiting for the arrival of the CD Kobus! by the band....... Kobus! Take a listen to "Sondag Middag" which just has such a laid back perfectly SA sound and feel to it!
The last one which arrived this week was "10 years of Hits" Ronan Keating ! Don't know whether I should add the blush smilie ! :p

And the next one I would like to buy is the Il Divo album !
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Last one (I think) was INXS Greatest Hits....I would love to get Damien Rice's CD.
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nikkinaz Wrote:And the next one I would like to buy is the Il Divo album !

Definitely, definitely, definitely recommend this! :thumbs: :cheer:
Just bought Muse's new cd this weekend. Next one I would like to buy is Franz Ferdinand Big Grin
Dolla which Muse album is that? Muse are amazing to listen to especially when stoned! The vocals blend in seamlessly with the instruments so that the voice becomes an instrument in itself (does that make sense?) As to Franz Ferdinand I had to laugh. In some of the Musica's I was in in SA the FF album was kept in the Afrikaans section. Some people just cant understand a Scots band called Franz! :lol

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