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What song(s) gives you "goosebumps"?
I just saw that I hadn't added my contribution to this thread...

Perhaps it's because there are so many songs bring goosebumps that I chose not to reply, but at the moment I am "Comfortably Numb" :haha:

S.O.S. by ABBA because I only had to spend two weeks in hospital with concussion whilst the poor kid next to me had to spend 6 months in traction and he played that song over and over...

Relax - by Frankie Goes to Hollywood because of the reaction it caused all over the world...

Peter Gabriel's "Games Without Frontiers" because of the 6E2's and 7E2's English teacher was a Peter Gabriel fan and used to frequent the music shop where I used to work weekends...

All of Michael Learns to Rock's love songs as they make me wish I could sing them to you know who Big Grin

And for fun I get goosebumps from "I don't Like Cricket" by Official South African Cricket as well as any Pip Freedman ditty Big Grin

I think that may be enough for this post... :p (But there are plenty more Big Grin )
Thanks for your input to this thread too Jangar.
Anyone want to add anything more


No No No

too much Amy I suspect

No No No


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