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Worst/cheesiest movies you've seen
After watching 'Snakes on a Plane' last night i got thinking as to the worst or cheesiest movies i had seen.

While Snakes on a Plane was fun it wasn't my worst. I think that would have to go to

'Plan 9 from Outer Space', by Ed Wood. Its that bad its cult. The sets were wobbly, Bela Legosi died half way through the making of it and his part was played by Ed Wood who was much smaller than him. The flying saucers were plates painted silver and you could see the string. An Absolute Classic.

Having said that - the opening sequence to Star Trek - (the original series) with the starship Enterprise going through space - strings and all - what is with that drawing pin doing stuck in the front of the ship?
can't think of anything off the top of my beak so I will need to ruffle a few feathers before coming back with a reply

[Deep husky male voice with strong USA accent]: "If you can't breathe, you can't scream..." :yikes: ANACONDA

Without doubt one of the worst I've ever seen. Those snakes were able to rip through floor boards & even roared! :rofl: :crylol:
wasn't Jenny in dat?
with Bryan Brown , Armand Assante and ever-so-delightful , empty : Rachel Ward ; based on a famous 50's novel by N. Shute ; about the last days of Oz , after the nuclear war ...hehehe
( Cynics amongst us might add ...pity that it has not actually happenned already ? )
I've seen parts of dat movie Big Grin

me likes wachel ward .. wemember her from the TV program the Thornbirds (??)
Me likes her too , methinks , helluva lot !
She's a looker awrite , but not much of an actress , I'm afraid ;
remember her in " Against All Odds " ? ( another deserving candidate for this very thread BTW )
ag , well , at least the ( v. v. sad ) song remains , as the best part of THAT crap movie...
me also like Phil Collins

Against All Odds was not as bad as the first one you mentioned

I always used to wonder if Wachel and Sela Ward were sisters

Big Grin
Duck I wonder if you should write a movie script and in a few years we can mention it in the cheesiest movies of all time :p

Might upset a few here but heres a few more

"Officer and a gentleman" - snore and that scene when he walks in and lifts her in his arms and walks out with her. I never knew a navy guy do that.

"Basic Instinct" - have yet to watch it all he way through - I tend to fall asleep half way through and wake up at the end.
gwasi Wrote:"Basic Instinct" - have yet to watch it all he way through - I tend to fall asleep half way through and wake up at the end.

well I suppose sleeping is more healthy than smoking after

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