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Anyone in Albania?
Wow .. great to have someone from Albania posting.

So, how many SAffers are in Albania, then?

Quite interesting



Quote:Originally posted by cwlinde
Anyone in Albania?

cwlinde, how interesting......please tell us a bit about the country and how you come to be there...

It would be great to hear about it Smile


Albania used to be the poorest country in Europe. It is a country of contrasts. It's a facinating place to live in. It was a communist and Atheist country for 50 years and only opened up in 1991, so the country is still developing. It hasn't developed at all in the 50 years of communism, so they are even behind Africa!

I work as a volunteer with Youth With A Mission. Don't get a salary!! ;-)

I work as the National Adminstrator of the organisation in Albania and also as the assistant to the Balkan Convenor.

If you want more detail, send me email and I will be glad to tell you more.


Albania only have 4 South Africans there. One with OM (Operation Mobilization), myself with YWAM (Youth With A Mission) and then a couple working with the UNDP (United Nations Development Program).
There is also a guy from Namibia there and a Dutchman than has lived in Cape Town for 13 years, so considers himself to be south african as well.
Thanx for taking the time to answer


It is quite incredible how SAffers land up being placed all over the world

Big Grin

ps. for the smilie to work you only need ; then ) no nose Wink


Not in Albania...but speak broken Albanian.... I am in Pristina, Kosovo and work for the Ministry of Finance..Smile
I met a few Albanians when I was in Rome. Found them to be really nice people but they have a terrible reputation in Italy and cannot find employment. Was a pity cos some of them were well educated as well.


Well, if they were educated it was certainly not around here, they have an incredible amount of catching up to do...even with the UN being here since 1999. Many have returned after being educated in other countries but even so there is an enormous amount of work still to be done here. As for being nice, yes definitely even though there are many internationals here I have work mostly with the locals and have made many friends.:thumbs:
Hmmm... the prospect of working in a frontier country... very appealing.
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