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Anyone involved in Catering/ Hospitality etc
Beertjie Wrote:Hi Cheffie

I can tell you about the IT side of setting up hotel/outlets/rest. etc

Micros, Fidelio etc

And what are your veiws on Fidelio vs Protel ?
sterretjie Wrote:well, i know i enjoyed the few odd years i spend working in hotels (6 all together). had many laughs, tears ect. ok, was never in the kitchen peeling onions, but on the rooms side.

gosh, am almost making myself "homesick" again. only problem is the pay. why oh why do they have to pay so *****? (well at least here in germany). otherwise i might just up my job and go back to hotels.


Amsterdam is coming on line in September 06, ....
Cheffie Wrote:Sterretjie

I admire anyone that has the fortitude to actually go and wait on tables, be involved in restaurants or hotels and has the guts to say they loved it!

It's a passion of mine and see no ill in being able to serve people something that they view as magical.

If you're really that homesick for the industry.. I guess Switzerland should be looked into for the better paying areas of employment (so I'm led to believe).

The life you tend to lead is not one that can be considered "normal" by most people.. but to those of us in the industry.. it's perfectly acceptable with job satisfaction a huge plus.

I guess the better you are at your job, the more rewarding it will be in terms of finance etc..

Personally having met you (albeit briefly) I think you'd do extremely well on the F.O.H. side - it's a pity that there aren't that many people out there who are willing to make a go of it and do thewhole career thing.
Sure.. you might start as a waitress.. yet one day end up the proud owner of a chain of boutique hotels..

Everything is possible.. think about it Wink

Living in Switzerland I can confirm that the hotel industry or Gastro proffesion is still looked upon as exactly that... a proffesion, although the recent relaxation of gastro licences has brought in some loosening of this. However weighing up the pro/cons a restaurant still has to provide three important ingredients namely good food, good servcie and good ambience or appareance or presetnation,and consistently.

Switzerland is great for the CV, the hotel industry FOH or BOH pays lousy. Perk working for a chain is you get to see the world and meet interesting people. Upper management is great andf the pay improved significantly, how did I end up here...pure luck and a passion for thehotel industry.
Cheffie Wrote:Hi buffalo

Unfortunately I cannot help you out with that one. Perhaps someone else involved might be able to lend a hand?

alternatively get an ex-colleaugue in SA from Sun International to email you some advice?

about a year later Bro wakes up, what type of performance appraisal are you after, got heaps on our intranet.
bro Wrote:And what are your veiws on Fidelio vs Protel ?

Don't know much about Portal but Opera is a good stable system. Fidelio V6 is crap and should be banned, the constant corruptions and downtime will drive anyone crazy.
Beertjie Wrote:Don't know much about Portal but Opera is a good stable system. Fidelio V6 is crap and should be banned, the constant corruptions and downtime will drive anyone crazy.

Ja our company finally decided on Protel over Opera, and currently we are migrating all our hotels onto Protel from mostly Fidelio, quite a job considering there are 68 hotels around the globe. At first staff were not happy with the system but now that they have become accustomed to it , some even say it is better than Opera. ( For those few that had worked on Opera)



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