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Cheffie to publish a new book about life
Admin :edit: new thread started from thread under 'a little more serious' forum

TracyW Wrote:How come they get everyone else but after all this time still cannot find the main man himself?

The yanks captured him years ago and stashed him away at some remote facility with sand dunes and and and..

When they need the world to perk up again, they drug him, put a video camera to his gob, record a little bit of waffle and post it off to the various networks.

Then we have the latest 'security scare' (normally around election times/ key events/ Beckham breaking his little toe/ Kiwi's hitting each other with handbags :woof: ) and the world's attention span is diverted to another bit of scary stories and 'is it real/ is it fake video'..

Bush et al cannot afford to have him as a martyr just yet. It probably doesn't suit their agenda and the TV bosses would complain bitterly that the public keep tuning in to arbitrary events like the World Cup.

Hope that clears a little mud for you..
Big Grin
you deal in insider trading .. right

Big Grin
TheDuck Wrote:you deal in insider trading .. right

Big Grin
Mostly I deal with children in the kitchen. Well adults that act like children but that's a story for a rainy day (cue.. well it's for next week Tuesday. Ahh.. English weather Big Grin )

I'm considering investing in Kiwi made handbags :thumbs: .. the last one in the news sold for a fortune :woof:

Though I think selling it to the forces around the world might be a little bit too ambitious..

I doubt the yanks will reap the benefits of their trade off. Most couldn't find Iraq/ Zimbabwe/ Wales on a map.. even though Google is based there Wink
Golly, Crooked Chef !!!!
You sound like a walking, talking dictionary/atlas/directory all rolled into one - with an air-bubble in your brain !!
Ever thought of pinning your thoughts down in a book - something like "Confusion for Dummies - clearly explained" ??
:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
Almitra Wrote:with an air-bubble in your brain !!

Ever thought of pinning your thoughts down in a book

Is you calling me an air head? :wall:
Big Grin

One day I'll write a book. Make lots of money. Go to book signings. Pontificate on the follies of war/ pregnancy/ cooking with brats/ how to avoid beetroot..
some wiley photographer will capture me in an unguarded moment of bliss ( having tracked down Magnum double Chocolate :thumbs: ) and sitting on the pavement wolfing it down. The resultant publicity and increased book sales will make up for the lost shares in defunct women's fashion accessories.. though I'm sure in Oz (when all the Kiwi's have migrated there Wink ) they'll still be backward enough to make more..
Big Grin

How this news will be recieved in Iraq/ Iran/ Zimbabwe/ Wales/ The outer Hebrides/ The Vatican/ Cape Cod.. well I just don't know. I promise I really don't. Maybe they'll use the internet (avoid signing up with China's free internet for life scheme, sponsored by google) and figure it all out in the next generation. Or the one after.

Hopefully by then I'll be retired and watching some other live war on TV, buying the uncensored pirated made-for-tv-docu from my local fishmonger who delivers his daily dose of philosophical wisdom from the back of his battery powered sports car..

Something to look forward to I guess.
Big Grin
Not at all ................ only a weird, crazy Cook !!!! :rofl:

And your future plans sound like a sure RECIPE for disaster !!!!

You really do leave me at a loss for words !!! Something that actually never happens ............... :wall:

PS: Can I proof-read your book first ??
What exactly is so dysfunctional about woman's fashion accessories?
Philosophical wisdom - you sure you're not the one dishing out the fishmonger's daily dose ?? :rofl:

Do you think anyone will be able to understand the book?? :crylol:
would the author
Almitra Wrote:What exactly is so dysfunctional about woman's fashion accessories?

When Kiwi men use them.. it makes others cry :haha:

Thanks Admin for the title of the thread. However the serialisation of my thoughts will only become available after late nights and more cups of coffee.

If Globalbuzz wishes to sponsor my coffee/ red wine intake (no FB.. you cannot be my official taster :wall: ) / Toilet paper for scribbles... then I'm all yours. In fact it's possible I'll do it for free. A laugh.. Rolleyes

Almitra.. unfortunately I'll be getting Duckie's son to proof read. He spells far better than his dad.
And no. I'm a cook. A fishmonger is something different. Go to your local harbour for more clues..
Big Grin
Strawbs Wrote:Do you think anyone will be able to understand the book?? :crylol:

No and is that not the point. As who really understands the world and life anyway. :crylol:
Hagar the Lovable (and to some the Horrible) Wink

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