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Cheffie to publish a new book about life
Spacegirl Wrote:42....

Thought that was a triple word score............ :crylol:

Cheffie do you own The Restaurant at the End of the Universe
Cheffie is the restaurant at the end of the universe
This thread has just made my Friday afternoon ! :jive:
TheDuck Wrote:Cheffie is the restaurant at the end of the universe

Star trekking across the Universe... only going forward coz we can't find reverse!!! :duh:

TheDuck Wrote:Cheffie is the restaurant at the end of the universe

... with food served on flying saucers Smile
His not in Budapest he is
TheDuck Wrote:His not in Budapest he is

The flat side or the mountain side....

Een en een maak skielik twee! Smile
Strawbs Wrote:How much wine have you had today?

It was coffee.

Pure, unadulterated Colombian coffee. Maybe Brazilian.. but it was coffee. Ok. Geddit?
Big Grin
The wine was from the night before and the brain wasn't functioning unfortunately. It does go into reverse sometimes.. and funnily enough I get in touch with my feminine self. Go figure! :wall:

Besides froot.. you know my typos after wine - even I wouldn't understand what someone was saying let alone myself.. though I probably would understand BH a little better.. :mmm:

Gwasi.. I have a herb garden. To smoke them would be ridiculous,, I'd have the neighbours kids raiding it whilst I'm working and some ASBO officer beating down my door in the middle of the night. Not that I'd be home yet..
Big Grin

Space.. that was really cryptic. I mean really really cryptic, Are you giving your age away? Is that the amount of time we have spent debating the merits of Monty Python and his meanings? Or is it something a little sinister...

Well lets test it.
42 = 24 backwards. So that then works out to be the programme on Sky ( Sky plus/ Digi-whatever/ TV/ dvd/ pirate downloaded version) of the hit TV drama..

Personally if I had that much stress in 24 hours.. I'd upgrade my herb garden and sommer give it out for free. Ya froot.. to you too.
Ok, I'd charge you transport as you really are in the middle of nowhere. With the stresses of the day behind you and the herbs doing the magic on your delivery from the asylum-seeker on a psychotic moped.. then 24 would somehow morph into 42?
Big Grin

Duckie.. Hungary is not the end of the universe. It's the beginning. The Russians thought so in '56 and with a language so obscure that only the Mongolians are somewhat related.. it's no wonder the communism threat dies a death in the early part of 90's..

Well not in China. Nor in Cuba.
Someone needs cheap labour and great cigars - do you hear the yanks groan?
Big Grin

Tracy.. look out for the book in the near future. You can have it make your afternoon/ morning/ dinner time/ middle-of-the-night snack time/ holiday in the Hebrides/ touring your local chav hangout whilst saturday shopping.. in fact if you really want I too will get Duckie's son to edit a version for you and put it on 2-ply as well.

I'm off to have more wine. It's morning and the planes are asleep.. :wall:
you are still a Budapest

nothing can change that
Cheffie, we can swop books - Ducky is going to be my editor, best we make sure he does not edit too many parts :mmm:

Also..... what happened to the cookery course .... or have I missed it already?

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