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Cheffie to publish a new book about life
The Cookery Courses are still coming his website is being completed and will be shown very soon

:cluck: Confusedkate: :chef: :donald:
You forgot the :berry:
Strawbs Wrote:You forgot the :berry:

That was deliberate. Go Figure..
TracyW Wrote:Cheffie, we can swop books

Only books? :woof:
Big Grin

Ok I guess. Think you're making a mistake about Duckie's son though.. yes he's far too young for you right now, however he can spell better than his dad on a pensioner's bingo night with his farmyard voyeurs..
Big Grin
TheDuck Wrote:Budapest

You have a stutter Duckie?
Big Grin

Buddha will always be you dear webbed friend.. no getting out of it even if you beat mcamp in losing all those kilo's and making your wife :woof: very happy to have a skinny Rolleyes bloke around the house again.. :innocent:

Unless of course you're planning a get together in Budapest.. heard the scenery is quite fetching Big Grin
rather stadig Chef

If I am Buddha

you must be the Pest
TheDuck Wrote:If I am Buddha

you must be the Pest


'twas my first thought a while back... but the brain was indeed slow to think of anything remotely witty/ funny/ seriously grotesque/ childlike/ adult-orientated/ sarcastic or simply doff to post a decent reply :wall:

However.. seeing as you have now still re-affirmed your status as THE Buddha I will gladly take up the reigns of being your problem Rolleyes child..
Big Grin

Cue Froot and her stomping of the feet to be the only problem child :innocent:
Big Grin
Nope not at all

I thinks mcamp is well in line now closely followed by the taller sibling

Cheffie Wrote:Cue Froot and her stomping of the feet to be the only problem child :innocent:
Big Grin

You mean I must gooi a vloermoer???

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