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Finding a piece of music..
I want to find a song that i watched on a video awhile ago...if i go into a website and give the name of the movie..will the band and the song appear....? i did look on the credits of the video but it was abit blurred so therefore could not really make it out....i happen to know the name of the band..but will the movie info itself give it on a website??? Does anybopdy know of any websites i can look on for this....and no this song has no lyrics, it is a classical one....thanks in advance...Smile
there is this website that usually has the right info

Pm me the movie, and as much as you know about the song as possible, and I'll try and find it for you...Big Grin
Hagar the Lovable (and to some the Horrible) Wink
whats the name of the band/group/person who does the song? and what movie was it?
Quote:Originally posted by lols
there is this website that usually has the right info


Thanks Lols...

i got the was basically the song that was played in the Johnny English movie.....that Bond was the salsa version of the song i need to get that piece of music...i absolutely adore it...Smile I got the Kismet song but not the salsa version of it.....

the info i got was from the above link.....

there are two songs in the soundtrack listing by Bond:

Performed by Bond
Courtesy of The Decca Music Group Limited

Theme from Johnny English"

"Theme from Johnny English"
(Salsa Version)
Performed by Bond
Courtesy of The Decca Music Group Limited

edit: actually just the two..the Theme from.. isn't performed by them, just salsa version and Kismet ( this is the salsa song-that might help too)

hope this helps

thanks to the others for the input..Smile

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