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Music and Memories
Music has this ability to just *carry you away* to a situation in your life. I can hear a song and immediately I am transported into the past to certain situations that I relate the song to.

Here is a challenge. List 10 songs that carry you back to situations in your life that the song reminds you of. I will think about mine, then post.
there are a few songs but cant think of their names off the top of my head...... you have got me thinking now....
What doesn't kill you makes you stronger Big Grin
Yes Angelbabe, songs do take us back in time &
I bet in the recent thread.... "top 100 list" there were many songs listed there that bring back some "fond memories" for all.
Bonnie Rait - Nick Of Time. She wanted kids and I didnt. We divorced eventually. Every time I hear this song I think of her.

Carly Simon - Comin Around Again. I hear this and I remember another life where I thought that my life was perfect. Not knowing what was to come.

Roxette - Excited. I drove through the night from Zim to get home to my wife hoping that things had magically improved between us in my abscence. I can still remember her opening the door at 3:00am. It was cold outside but far colder inside the house.

Tot - Africa. Falling asleep to the beat of the stamp mills at a nearby goldmine. Sitting on the Umniati River miles from anywhere. Walking through the Matopos. Africa. Africa. Africa.

Louise Tucker - Midnight Blue. My dad loved the song and I will always think of it as a winter song. Playing when i would get in from school in the evenings as a kid.

Nina Cherry / Youssou N'Dour - Seven Seconds. I hear the song and the phone rings again. Chris telling me that Michael has had a stroke and they dont think he will make it. Mike never did and the song is something that will always remind me of a good mate gone.

The Heads - Damage I Have Done. All the sins I have committed - far too many to mention! Big Grin

Valiant Swart - Baneling. Siting on the stoep of my little house on the farm. Pitch dark night with only the night for company. Good music on and a pint glass of OBS to go with it. In the middle of Africa with a night only as dark as Africa makes them.

Springbok Nude Girls - Genie. Driving down the last mile or three of the N3 into Durban on a glorious Natal summers day. Car windows open. Radio on. Sweating like a pig. Palm trees on the esplanade. Man I love Durban! Big Grin

Nirvanna - Smells Like Teen Spirit. The music video that blew my mind. Nirvanna were the future! I can still remember being slightly disturbed by it but loving what I saw!

There ya go there are mine!
Just heard Be My Woman by Whitetown on the radio. It carried me straight back to when I first returned to the UK. :bigcry:

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