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One hit wonders or 80's songs
ooooh Modern Talking... I won tickets to see them at the Good Hope Centre in 1988. The place was not all that full Wink

But I actually remember having a laugh with my friend.

:dazed: And that there were girls in my class who were jealous of the fact I'd seen them! lol <---this still tickles me.
In love there are two things - bodies and words.
I love the 80's music.

Another couple of one hit wonders (I think) were

Shaddup your face by Joe Dolce
Da, Da, Da by Trio.
Who remembers MarcAlex? I went to one their concerts in Grahamstown... (is that a good or bad thing?)
And of course Perfect, by Fairground Attraction

Rock me Amadeus...
99 Red baloons.....always rememeber the woman cause she was very nice but when she lifted her arms and u saw that bush...
the bay city rollers!!!!
Queen D
Dont worry............... be Happy... :haha: Bobby whateverhisnameis!

And Achy Breaky Heart Blush Blush DOUBLE BLUSH!
Quote:Originally posted by Strawbs
Dont worry............... be Happy... :haha: Bobby whateverhisnameis!

And Achy Breaky Heart Blush Blush DOUBLE BLUSH!

I think.... Don't worry be happy was done by Bobby Mcfarren
and Achy Breaky Heart by Billy Cyrus. (Spelling)???

These were a one hit wonder.
Quote:Originally posted by alwayssmilin
No dont know where I was jolling, cant remember any of these.

Remember McCulleys Workshop?

Oh yeah..... The Rotunda in Cape town... Maybe Mr Mc Duck will look in and have a word about those days and Bro too Big Grin

How about Ballyhoo... Man on the Moon??
[color0blue]Dit was lekker by die see... Die Bodensee ( Lake Constance )[/color]
and also still like all the 80's stuff!! those were my jolling days!! Each to his own is what I say!
Everything happens for a reason, we just dont know why!
Quote:Originally posted by jewels
johnny called the chemist but the chemist didnt come

wasnt that it?

Yebo Jewels....that's the one!!! Big Grin
Phuza, Bepha , Souza!!

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