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Need diplomacy here and not sure how to go about it. Why don't things like this come in a nice book like 'Parenting for Dummies'! :rofl:

Connor is 7 next month and I am planning his birthday party. He's decided on a place, and I decided that at £8.50 a child (!!) he can only invite six other children. Last year he invited a few who didn't pitch up, no phone call, nothing, just didn't come and at £8.50 a head I DO NOT want a repeat of this! So these children are off the list for a start. But how do I make sure the other ones will come. I don't want to hand out six invites if some of them aren't going to make it, thus leaving me with spaces and no more invites. How do I do this diplomatically?

Last year there was a child who cried as he wasn't invited. He's not my favourite type of child but since Connor is inviting this child's best friend, should I pay for another child (making total children to 8 and therefore an even number for the bowling alley - equal teams of four) so there's no repeat of the tears? I can't bear the thought of making a child cry - even though he made Connor's life a misery for most of last year. :hug:

Aarrrgh, I wish his birthday was in Summer so that I could just have a house party!!!

Does anyone else think the prices are a bit steep as well? They get a game of bowling, a gift and a meal. All in an hour and a half.
In love there are two things - bodies and words.
Hi Cali, can't offer advice re the invitations as I wouldn't be sure what to do there either, but 8 sounds okay, like you say you can have two teams of four.

As far as the price goes, doesn't sound too bad as we have parties where I work, football or trampoline or swimming parties etc and we charge £48 for the hire of the hall for an hour and then £3.45 per child for a meal which includes a balloon each. So for eight kids it would have cost you about £76.00. Hope this helps.
best I can offer is have an a list of invites and double check that they are going to pitch and any non acceptences and you can invite off the b list (know it sounds horrid, but you simply cannot invite everybody and there is no sense in paying for non-arrivals)
Sounds like a great party, Cali! :thumbs: Are you able to get the mums' telephone numbers & check with them before making the booking? I'm sure they'd understand if you explained the cost involved. Smile
THanks for all the advice ladies!

Pumba, the cost doesn't worry me all that much if the service is good. (and mom and dad are going halves with me! Big Grin ) It's the time that annoys me - it's not quite an hour and a half even, I looked at the prices of the actual bowling and it's about £3/4 a head - now really does a kiddies meal cost £4? AND I have to provide a cake! lol

But in our area, it's the only thing for children of his age group.

Sooi - I was thinking that was what I was going to have to do.... but as you say, it just seem horrible. I did put my foot down for no girls - because the one he wanted to come won't come without her friend and I refuse to be bribed by a six year old who isn't mine! :rolf:

Venus, I've checked with three of the children's mothers so far - she is working that day so the little boy is coming around here in the morning which is fine. And I presume his little friend will come then. So that's only two I have to worry about.

I think I will do an extra child... I dislike odd numbers - always think some poor child will be left out!
In love there are two things - bodies and words.

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