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Spot the Band (part 2)
Soft Cell
gwasi Wrote:Soft Cell
That's the one :duh:

Who's this shady looking rock n roll outfit?
[BUZZ="2"][Image: Band%20166.jpg][/BUZZ]
Is it too early to give a clue?
seasider Wrote:Showaddy waddy?


[BUZZ="2"][Image: Band%20167.jpg][/BUZZ]
oops! posted a clue here, thinking this is the Bay City Rollers...but it ain't!
Altogether now... :music: Sugar baby love, Sugar baby love, ooooo, aaaaaa, :music: (wonder how they used to hit those high notes...),

I know this one - need any more clues?
dang I know that song and the tune but for the life of me can't recall their name
Another song they had was Juke Box Jive

:confused: You really don't know? (I'm showing my age now)
OK .. I looked it up

The Rubettes

Souped-up doo-woop delivered by musicians in white suits and matching caps, 'Sugar Baby Love' was the Rubettes' first hit in 1974, after which stratospheric-voiced singer Paul Da Vinci quit. The group survived to notch eight further hits, while guitarist Tony Thorp later put together the 1987 novelty smash "Star Trekkin".

but I still don't recall the band name only the song ..

and I feel young .. though getting worried, wifey turns 30 the end of the year

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