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Full Version: The City of one's birth
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I was born in Harare (Salisbury as it will always be to me) :wall: and lived outside Chiredzi til about 8 years old, then moved to Turkey for a year and then onto Durban in SA, I did most of my schooling in Amanzimtoti (for my sins :duh: :crylol: ) and my parents still live there, I then moved to Joburg and loved it, found my own independance and "grew up a bit"... I have lived in the UK for over 7 years but SA is still my "home" but I can't decide whether I call Joburg or Durban my hometown!
I was born just outside Heidelberg (Transvaal Smile ) and we moved into the town when I was two. Very fortunate to live in the same house during my school years.

Took a special trip there with my brother when I was in SA recently - had a look at our Confusedue:, the primary school and the high school. Talked about the neighbours we had, and laughed when special memories came up.

Almitra Wrote:Ohh?? :duh:

Know the old saying 'most snobs are living in..........'

Ok, I think I'm loosing this one! Smile

PS I suppose we are "higher up" than those "Stranders"
Like Oom Rob I was born in South Shields (UK) but moved around a lot and the family settled in Cape Town. I consider Fish Hoek as my home town.

I do, at times, feel like a person without a country tho. Whether thats die to the constant moving or not I don't know. Most of the times I am a Saffer Confusedaffer:
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