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10 tips to surviving the holidays with children
10 tips

I save my fridge defrosting for the holidays , then chuck out the frozen ice and leave the kids to do what they like with it. They know not to eat it!, but its a great fun way for them to keep cool and have fun Smile

The beach is a great way to keep my kids happy for a few hours of the day. Cheap and endless activities to keep them occupied.

I'm looking forward to taking them to our local Pick Your Own Fruit farm; they have strawberries, raspberries, gooseberries an more. They have great fun, then we bring what's left home and make fruit crumble with it.

What are your survival tips?
Going for walks and exploring the area! So often durng term time we drive everywhere because of the time restrictions. Holidays can be spent walking around and investigating the surrrounding areas.

The beach is also a big favorite of ours. As you said many hours of fun.

Because the holidays are so long (I'm not complaining) I usually plan for at least one thing a week, so therefore they have something to look forward to.
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I've tried to interest mine in playing Cinderella, but they know their mom too well ... :mrburns: :innocent:
send them to granny (thats what my daughter(s)) do
sooibrand Wrote:send them to granny (thats what my daughter(s)) do

Ours is now of the age where exploring castles is fun, so we've joined the Welsh Heritage and for a small yearly fee we get in for free and also for free in the histrocial sites in England and Scotland. You get your money back within 4 visits. Well worth it. The National Trust does the same thing.

Other than that, the local pool the beach, biking, roller blading (not me), gardening (i can be a slave driver). :cheeky:

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