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Gordon Ramsay - kitchen nightmares
The last in the series... time to go out and buy the book Rolleyes LOL

Well it was another goodie - this time it was focusing on a Golf Club restaurant, Moor something-or-other in Esher.

The Executive Chef :cue double duh: wasn't able to run a bath - let alone a kitchen! I guess he must have left after he saw the preview screening Wink

I think the essence of the story was 'getting it right' and getting the Owners (from a 'drinks background') to see it as a restaurant with HUGE potential.

As ever Chef Ramsay camped it up in true fashion.. I'm intrigued as to whether the general public could actually see past all the 'french language Wink ' in the kitchen and actually see it more from an insider's taste as to what happens behind the closed doors of a sacrosanct place for making food.

Thoroughly enjoyable series IMO..

Your thoughts and viewpoints?
Whats wrong with a 'drinks background' Wink Big Grin

well i suppose you have to start somewhere
eisher than eish!!!!!
Quote:Originally posted by Mark
Whats wrong with a 'drinks background' Wink : D


So that they could open their eyes and see further than the bottle.. or change their glasses Wink Big Grin

A lot of Chefs I've been chatting with have commented on his apparent ease in front of the camera, giving advice etc. One can't help but be cynical and think - great, his new recipe book will fly off the shelves Wink

I just wonder how many of his 'guests' on the programme will rush out to buy a copy... Big Grin
Quote:Originally posted by Pooky
well i suppose you have to start somewhere


One normally learns how to crawl and walk before one learns how to run as well Wink

I think its been educational for a lot of people as most people see a restaurant as a 'cash business' and easy to run/ operate.

As mentioned on the show.. at least 75% fail within the first 6months to 1year - a frightening statistic!
i missed the one on tuesday - so it was the last?

it would be interesting to see how well the rest'rants are doing some 6 months later

fair enuf - he knows his stuff and what it takes to make a good and successful rest'rant
he is arrogant and he knows best !
his language is harsh but i think necesary sometimes in that situation
it is a wonder how many rest'rants we go to with poor kitchens like some of those
and how many rest'rants lose money

i have only done a fair share of waiting tables when i was a student but i hated it and the owners/ managers had no life
i dont know how the chefs did it tho - so many orders coming thru
i suppsoe that is what they do
it seems a stressful environment
they got his new series coming out with the celebrity chefs..i think the 23rd may...i cannot wait to see this and how these celebs act under pressure and who comes out tops as a fine cook..Wink Wink Wink Wink

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