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Persistant Right Aortic Arch - Labrador puppy - advice and tips please
Cheffie, how is your puppy progressing??
penelope Wrote:Cheffie, how is your puppy progressing??

Hi Penelope

The little monster is doing remarkably well thanks. It's been a month and he's survived the 'golden month' of opportunity so far.

For a little guy given a minimal chance of survival - its been great to see him pull through.

He's put on some weight, doing the usual puppy things (read as chew chew chew Rolleyes ) and pretty much kept us entertained.

So far so good - I'm looking forward to the days that he can eat off the floor all the time instead of having to be vertical and eating off a chair.

But I suppose it'll take a long time before anything will happen - patience is something I still have to learn Wink
Big Grin
:thumbs: Really pleased to hear the good news...please keep me informed
Very good news Cheffie!

I'm so glad he's doing well, Cheffie! Big Grin Big Grin
Thanks for the well wishes... :thumbs:

I cannot wait for the day I can sneak him some biltong and other little treats Wink Afterall he's still a little guy and needs to be spoilt a littleBig Grin
Cheffie Wrote:I cannot wait for the day I can sneak him some biltong ...

Untill he can actually eat the biltong.... do you think you can sneak it my way.... Smile

Awh Cheffie.... hope he will recover completely!!

Cheffie, how's your little monster doing?? :mmm:
penelope Wrote:Cheffie, how's your little monster doing?? :mmm:

Howzit Penelope

He`s being a little monster of note - keeping the bunny frightfully amused (or bemused.. Wink ) at the best of times...

He`s getting the odd treat, nibbles the odd bone and generally is quite a joy to behold ( if that is possible seeing as he turned six months and loves to jump on beds to awake other sleeping babes Big Grin )

I guess his coat will grow back properly sometime, he`ll learn to behave and generally become `normal`.

The odd photo will get around sometime... when I finish giving him a cuddle
I'm so glad he's doing well! Big Grin

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