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Where do you buy or borrow your Books from ?
I was wondering which stores are the most popular ? And if you borrow do you borrow from friends or the library ?

I personally belong to the library and borrow enough books so that I never am stuck for choice. I must say my favourite shop is Borders, (perhaps it is the lure of Starbucks) but for the most part I buy from Amazon - they just have the best prices and choice.
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The more that you read,
the more things you will know.
The more that you learn, the more places you'll go. Dr. Seuss

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and those who matter don't mind."
-Dr Seuss-
I tend to pop into the local charity shops when I can and see what's on the shelves, some have a great selection and usually between £1 - £2 Smile
Charity shops and library for me, although I do tend ot buy from WH Smith too.
dudette Wrote:Charity shops and library for me, although I do tend ot buy from WH Smith too.

Depends on the book,
novels I get from charity shops and Tesco
reference and study material is Waterstones or Amazon
Most books are recommended to me, and usually I cannot find them in our book stores here, so order them off Amazon. Second hand and out of print books I order from abebooks online.
Get from the Works (3 for £5), charity shops, swops with friends, WH Smith, car boots, supermarkets, where ever I ca get them
Mainly charity shops and friends..... and then at the airport when I travel.

I'm a library borrower - for the last year have belonged to a book club as well and this has broadend my reading habits tremendously
Not a great library lover -

I tend to buy alot of mine online from Amazon then sell them after i have read them, otherwise i normally go on a spree like i did last week and got some form Ottakars and i also got some great holiday reads for my hubby from Tescos last week.

Bushbaby Wrote:Second hand and out of print books I order from abebooks online.

I also purchase out of print books from

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